Conveyors and Feeders

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Kelly Mfg Conveyors & Feeders

Long-Lasting Poly Conveyors – Conveyors come fully assembled!

Now Available in 18 or 24 Inch Widths. Inclines and Declines Available up to 45 Degrees.

New Design For Various Applications Including high Volume Center Discharge Silo Unloaders.

NEW! Improved Bearing Design.

Standard Double Chain Conveyor.

Poly Sections Interchange With Wood Sections.

Wooden Taper Board Feeder Units Available.

Now Available Retro-Fit Poly Idler End.


Easy Maintenance:
• Poly idler sides available on all wood conveyors
• Idler End Slotted for Easy Shaft Maintenance
• Remote Grease Fittings Available for Idler Bearings

Poly Features:
• No Peeling or Fading
• No Rust
• No Decay
• Smooth, Quiet Operation
• Quality Components and Workmanship
• Drive units come mounted; Idler ends come installed

• Overall Width 19 1/2″ or 25 1/2″
• Trough Width 18″ or 24″ or
• Trough Width 36″ for Maximum Capacity Needs
• Bottom Delivery Height 9 1/4″
• Top Delivery Height 13 3/4″
• Poly Sides are 5/8″ Thick
• Poly Floor is 5/8″ Thick


Patz Conveyors & Feeders


Belt Conveyors/Feeders
Chain & Flite Conveyors
Hook & Eye Chain


Rissler Conveyors & Feeders

Manufacturing the ORIGINAL Rissler Wood conveyors since, 1971

Bottom Delivery Conveyor

Single Chain Conveyor

Top Delivery Conveyor – Available in ALL Plastic (white section), or Painted Wood sides, PolyUrethane wood floor, Choice of 18″, 24″ or 30″ Wide; #55, # 62, Steel detachable chain, or #662 Pintle Chain, or CA550 Ag Roller Chain, Inclines & Declines Available- PRECUT or you cut. Built in Drive as shown, or mount on drive similar to Bottom Delivery conveyors.

Treated Pine is used on the sides, to prevent rotting, wood wears longer and will not rust, like steel. Many are in use over 20 years.

Oak Rails -or- POLY rails

Choice of OAK or POLY flights/ paddles on chain choice of #55 or # 62 steel detachable OR #662 pintle chain.

Plywood floors covered with poyurethane -or- Poly Floor.

ALL POLY conveyors , Provide longevity under wet conditions, such as under Big Jim Silo unloaders. Or other constant wet areas.

Drive choices: Standard top, Heavy Duty, Underslung (for tight low clearance areas) TOP DELIVERY; built in drive with adjustment at idler end. or; mounted with adjustment at drive end.

Accessories: Adjustable Spreader board for Feeders. Hoppers, for each load point. Safety Covers for low mounted conveyors, such as on feed room floor. Pre-cut Slides/Dropout points. Multiple feed zones. Pre-cut INCLINES or DECLINES. Adjustable Incline or Decline. s.s. cover. Solid Top, carry feed on top then drop onto lower level, make conveyor or feeder do double duty.

Tie stall barn feeders.

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Jamesway Conveyors & Feeders

DIRECTXPRESS Belt Feeders & Conveyors
Jamesway® Direct Xpress belt feeders and conveyors are engineered for high capacity, fast delivery, performance and durability combined with low maintenance and low horsepower requirements.

Leave it to Jamesway to come up with the most reliable design, with even more performance than you ever expected the Direct XPress System of feeders and conveyors.

Direct XPress is engineered to give you everything you want and need. High capacity, fast delivery, performance and durability, combined with low maintenance and low horsepower requirements.

Belt Feeders

14” belt feeders for single or divided lot operations.
18” belt feeders for multi-lot operations
Direct drive gearbox reduces maintenance.
Exclusive Jamesway® chain system eliminates the constant adjustment required by cable drive systems.

Belt Conveyors

14” belt conveyors for applications up to 180’.
18” belt conveyors for applications up to 180’.
24” belt conveyors for applications up to 124’.
Conveyors feature 1/8” smooth or textured belts with PVC covering and durable stainless steel splice.
Jamesway’s special winged tail roller gives trouble-free operation.
Drive unit features industrial gearbox with enclosed oil bath and standard 1,2, or 3 HP C-faced motor.
Low profile drive and motor can be mounted on either side for added installation flexibility.
2-1/2’, 5’ and 10’ 16 gauge galvanized steel sections available.

MAXIM1 Belt Feeders

Heavy duty motor mount and stainless steel adjusters make system easy to maintain.

Floating V-plow allows for side-to-side switching for single or split lot feeding.

Chain drive for reliable performance.

Choose either T-stands or arched stands to support feeders.

Reliable Chain Drive Plow

The heart of a MAXIM 1 feeder is a tough chain drive design. Chain attaches under the plow with a Pitman arm which follows the chain the length of the feeder, reversing direction as it rounds the drive and idler sprocket. Chain tension is easily adjusted.

Side-to-Side Switching

MAXIM 1’s floating V-plow will match your single or split lot feeding needs. Choose manual operation, automatic side-to-side switching or electric plow control with solenoids.

Floating V-Plow
The MAXIM 1 Belt Feeder features a low profile Floating V-Plow with a stainless steel blade. The floating plow ensures effective belt cleaning, as well as minimizes plow and belt damage from foreign objects. The heavy 14 ga. galvanized plow pan is built extra rugged for long life.

Self-lube Guide Blocks

The floating V-plow glides smoothly on heavy-duty polyethylene guide blocks. These poly guide blocks are self-lubricating and extremely tough. There is a reliable Pitman bar under the plow pan with a simple, dependable chain connection.


MAXIM1™ Belt Conveyors

High capacity 16” wide belt conveys any type of forage, ground feed or TMR at high speed and low horsepower up to 180 feet.

Smooth belts are available for up to 15 degree inclines.

Textured belts are available for up to 30 degree inclines.

10, 5 or 2.5 ft sections with extra wide galvanized splices.

Incline or decline sections available.

Sturdy Tail Section

Our belt stays aligned, thanks to the sturdy tail section. Design features 5/8” stainless steel bolts for accurate belt tracking adjustment on the 6” diameter roller. Tapered steel wing design roller centers the belt and keeps it clean for dependable operation.

Sturdy Feeder Conveyor Sections

Feeder/Conveyor sections are made of 16 ga. weather-resistant galvanized steel. Available in 2-1/2’, 5’ and 10’ sections with a 140° deeptrough high capacity design.

16-Bolt Splice Kit

Heavy 12 ga. galvanized splice sections and 16 widely spaced bolts (8 per side).

The High Capacity 16” wide belt conveys any type of silage, ground feed or TMR at high speed and low horsepower up to 180 feet.


Valmetal Conveyors & Feeders


CHAIN CONVEYOR 11 1/2″ (29 CM)

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Electric feeding cart
Round bale feed cart – Bale unroller
Motorized Feeding Cart – Hydraucart


Uebler Feeders

Gruett’s Uebler Feeders are built strong to last long. Easily unloads all types of feed, available in two sizes. They have been manufacturing feeding machines for over 30 years. The silage carts feature a forage box unloading design which provides even feeding of materials in the the jumbo 12″ auger discharge. Our models can hold up to 43 bushels of feed. They have automotive-type steering and adjustable seating with exclusive center pivots that make these the most maneuverable riders on the market today. These include a one year warranty.


Weaverline Feed Carts

Battery power and stainless steel are two well –known features of the Weaverline feed carts. Efficient electric power provides smooth, quiet operation with no toxic fumes. The high-speed discharge and fast apron speeds cut feeding time – unloading the 31-bushel cart of corn silage in 35 seconds. Hydrostatic drive gives you fingertip control of the cart in either forward or reverse. The stainless steel box section and stainless steel augers greatly increase the life of the cart. The all stainless steel conveyor system in the series 5 carts is comprised of the stainless gap-link chain, stainless steel sprockets and stainless steel slats. The gap-hook chain design allows the slat to be crimped around the side bar of the link, thus avoiding the stress points of other types of attachment. The chain is self-centering on the narrow stainless steel sprockets which results in an extremely easy running, low wear conveyor system. The Weaverline series 5 cart is the best choice for fast, easy feeding and long life.


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