Silo Unloaders

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Patz Silo Unloaders

Single Auger Ring Drive
Raising the standard or excellence!
Adapts to silos 12 to 24 feet (3.6 to 7.3 m) in diameter.

Surface Drive Gathering Chain
Easy installation, self-leveling, and automated unloading!
Four sizes fit silos from 12 to 30 feet (3.6 to 9.1 m) in diameter.

Ring Drive Gathering Chain
Quick, easy installation – same day operation!
For silos from 12 to 24 feet (3.6 to 7.3 m) in diameter.


Jamesway Silo Unloaders

Magnum II Silo Unloader

The Magnum line of surface drive unloaders have become legendary for their performance, durability and efficiency.

Models available for 12′ – 30′ diameter silos
1/4” thick “Saber Edge” augers with 16 degree forward pitch offer superior performance and unmatched durability.
Reliable torque arm assembly.
Easy-to-adjust balance weights.
Durable 10” wall wheels feature durable polypropylene construction.
Massive blowing power from the Super-Duty impeller

Pow’r Ring Silo Unloader

With over 50 years experience behind it, the Pow’r Ring leads the way when it comes to silo unloader technology. From its direct coupling drive, large 7’4” drive ring to the exclusive twin “Saber Edge” augers and Hi-Perform impeller, the Pow’R-Ring combines the best in power, reliability and performance.

Adapts to your existing tripod or hexapod suspension
Models available for 14′-24′ diameter silos.
Free floating drive system with direct coupling positive ring and gear tooth engagement design.
Center position guide wheel provides balanced, positive ring drive performance and stability.
Large 7’4” diameter channel drive ring made of 7-1/8” x 3/16” thick steel with 2” drive lip for outstanding ring drive leverage.
Self-adjusting, spring-loaded cantilevered walking wheel holds wall cleaners snugly against the silo wall for smooth operation.
Positive position torque arm assembly is built to last with no twisting or flexing.
High performance 27” impeller provides high performance unloading at 993 RPM with tip speed of 7,019 feet per minute.
“Saber Edge” augers with 16 degree forward pitch keep forage moving toward the center of the auger tube, for increased capacity and less wear.

Volumaxx Silo Unloader

The Jamesway® Volumaxx silo unloader is the result of more than 60 years of experience and leading-edge expertise in terms of performance and output. The whole idea of a ring-drive unloader is to put the power and leveling requirements on the ring and the hexapod so that the auger can spend its time digging, moving, and blowing.

Models available for 12′ – 24′ diameter silos.
10” high performance roughage auger
New high-volume impeller features stainless steel band and reversible stainless steel paddles.
Self-adjusting cantilevered “walking pressure wheel”.
Independent power ring models feature high-efficiency drive.
Motor-mount assembly features easy belt tension adjustments.
Dependable 95% efficient gear box.
Independent motorized gear box with 500:1 gear reduction.
Heavy-duty auger gear box provides more power than conventional type gear boxes to the auger and impeller.
Re-New Kit includes 10” diameter chipper wheel, convenient grease zerk, end shroud defl ector and 10” diameter wall wheels.
Auger shroud features bolted construction and type 409 stainless steel cover.
Flex line shaft drive models feature free floating gear box.
Forward-pitched flighting keeps haylage and silage moving toward the center of the auger.
Double flighting at chipper wheel end for smooth operation.
Lower power requirements, more efficiency, higher capacity and less auger wear.
Ring drive constructed from heavy 7 x 3/16” thick steel.
Suspended by three high-tensile aircraft-type cables.
Rugged, ductile iron 10” diameter chipper wheel with 6 case-hardened steel knives to shave frozen silage from the silo wall.
Adjustable 10” diameter wall wheels made of one-piece, heavy duty polyethylene are individually adjustable for accurate positioning.
PowerMaxx Distributor for center-fill silos.


Valmetal Silo Unloaders

Valmetal features the widest range of Silo UNoaders in the world. Surface drive silo unloader, central silo unloader, bottom silo unloader. 










Valesco Silo-Matic Unloaders

Gemini Surface Drive – The Gemini II Surface drive unloader is manufactured using the same heavy-duty augers and frame as the GRD, but uses a simple design that offers high capacity at a lower price. The exclusive Tri-Mount systems offers stability in rough conditions.

Fits 12′ – 24′ diameter silos
Gear box features brass gears, steel worms and tapered gears for years of trouble free operation.
Tri-mount suspension system improves balance, control and stability.
26 inch blower housing in 304 stainless or mild steel.
Fits beneath most existing suspension systems.

Gemini Ring Drive – The Gemini Ring Drive’s aggressive, opposed rotation augers with heavy 1/4″ flighting can handle the toughest frozen, hard silage. With it’s heavy-duty frame and drive ring, it is the choice of dairymen who expect high performance.

Fits 12′ – 24′ diameter silos
7″ front and 8″ rear opposing augers
26 inch blower housing in stainless or mild steel
Well-proven electric ring

R-26 Pacesetter – The R-26 Ring drive unloader features a single, rugged 9″ auger with 1/4″ flighting for those dairymen who prefer the performance of a 3 cable hexapod drive unloader.

Fits 14′ – 24′ diameter silos
3 3/4″ auger tube with 1/4″ flighting
26 inch stainless or mild steel blower housing with four pawl rotor
Three cable suspension hexapod
Optional Independent Drive for Ring to guarantee a smooth, level fill – even on large diameter silos


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